Parra Consulting Group Inc. (PCG) understands that when we undertake a contract, a mission or when we are called upon to supply a solution to a client problem, the most important goal to the client is – the fulfillment of the contract terms, the achievement of the mission or the application of the solution we have devised. Accordingly, we work to identify the tools necessary to reach any given goal and we devise a specific plan or series of steps that we will follow to achieve the goal. PCG associates are known for being properly equipped and have the experience to use the tools supplied, to follow the steps to the goal and realize its achievement. It sounds so simple, but very few companies or institutions apply the appropriate attitudes and commitment to “make it happen.”

PCG’s services operates under contract arrangements whereby we have deployed single consultants directly to government agencies engaged in a specific task or solution, we have deployed teams of associates and employees to address clearly defined tasks assigned under subcontracted arrangements to allied or partnered firms, and we have conducted contract service delivery functions under contracts held directly with the Federal Government.

Thus, PCG’s Execution Management goal is to manage for momentum, negotiate for results and coach for excellence. Achievement of the assign task is the goal. Reaching that goal in a cost effective way is a tactic, but achievement of the same is the strategic mission.


  • Project and Program Management Support
  • Personnel Security Adjudication Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Administrative Management Services
  • Temporary Staffing Services
  • Cyber Security & Information Assurance